Summer Internship Program in Spain – via Cultural Vistas

The Cultural Vistas Summer Internship Program in Spain provides an excellent opportunity for US and Canadian university students to gain work experience abroad, improve their Spanish language skills, and experience Spanish life and culture firsthand.

Internships are available in a variety of fields, including but not limited to, business/finance, tourism, IT, media/communications, international relations, the nonprofit sector, Spanish studies, and economics.  The program runs from late-May until mid-August.

Eligibility Requirements
Applicants must:

  • have US or Canadian citizenship
  • be enrolled at a college or university before, during, and following the internship
  • be 19-25 years of age
  • have two years of post-secondary instruction in Spanish or the equivalent
  • have high-intermediate Spanish and be able to function in a Spanish-speaking work environment immediately upon arrival in Spain
  • have a minimum of two years of university-level studies

All internships are unpaid; however, scholarships are available to qualified participants.  All participants receive a scholarship application following acceptance to the program.

Application Deadline
Mid-January for summer programs

Additional Information

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